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We Meet the Boys from St James'

CHAPTER FOUR: "Ow, my bum!"


"You're a whore, aren't you, Wainwright?"
"Yes, Headmaster."
"Let me hear what a terrible little shit you are."
"I'm a terrible little shit, Headmaster."
"Put some more feeling into it, boy."
Earnest Wainwright cursed inwardly and closed his eyes. The edge of the desk was digging into him- it was a very uncomfortable position. "I'm a terrible little shit, and I don't deserve to be fucked by you, Headmaster. I'm lucky that you even look at me, because I'm scum. I don't even deserve to lick the dirt off your boots, but I'd love to, because I love being on my knees in front of you-"
"That's right, you motherless little. .aahhh. . "
Earnest felt the headmaster tense and shudder as he climaxed. The sensation of hot semen flooding his insides sent a slight shiver up his spine, but by now he was used to it, and as the headmaster pulled out of him he was already straightening up. He didn't turn around to watch the headmaster get dressed, but instead focussed on pulling up his school trousers and tidying his shirt and tie. "I think I'm a little late for class, Headmaster."
"Just tell them you were helping me sort through some paperwork," said the headmaster. He looked much more relaxed than he had twenty minutes before. "Which master are you with?"
"Mallett, headmaster. For prep."
"Very good, very good." Now he was scanning his desk for work to do. "Dismissed, Wainwright."

Earnest ran a hand through his auburn hair as he left the headmaster's office. A couple of younger boys were waiting on the hard wooden bench outside- probably first-years, he thought, up on the carpet for some uniform infraction or other. He recognized one of them as the little blonde boy who was fagging for Tarquin- the other one was dark-haired and rather non-descript-looking. He nodded to them as he passed, and the blonde boy shot him a cocky grin.
"I say, you've got a sister that goes to Elenore Gosling, haven't you?"
"Yeah," Earnest said. "Peggy."
The blonde boy grinned a little more. "Brilliant."
That line of conversation having been exhausted, there was a short pause. "I better go," Earnest said finally. "I've got prep now, and it's the third time I've been late this week."
"Right on," the blonde boy said. "I'm Arthur Cummings."
"I'm Earnest Wainwright." In spite of himself, Earnest smiled slightly- Cummings was so determinedly friendly. "See you round, then."
"Yeah, see you." He waited till he was around the corner, and then pulled his slightly crumpled cap from his trouser pocket. Mallett was one of the stricter masters when it came to rule-breaking, and since he was already late, it didn't seem right to push his luck with a sloppy uniform. Mallett had been in the army, and he had the arms to prove it. His whippings were renowned throughout the school, and many times Earnest had seen boys display proof- bloody red welts across their backsides that looked like they hurt. Yes, better to avoid that for now.

It was nearly fifteen minutes into the period when Earnest arrived in class. The rest of the boys were already bent over their desks in close-together rows, working. "Late again, Mr. Wainwright?" Professor Mallett said, sounding rather more satisfied than upset. "Third time this week, you know."
"Sorry, sir. I was helping the headmaster with paperwork."
"Indeed." He nodded. "Well, tell the headmaster not to keep you so long next time. I won't have boys being late for prep."
"Yes, sir."
"You can sit down now, Wainwright."
"Yes, sir." He went to his usual desk by the window and sat down, taking some of the lined paper from the shelf. Earnest hadn't brought any work, but he knew he could pass the time adequately by writing a letter. He'd posted one to his parents just a few days before, but Peggy had asked him to write her. The tip of his pen hovered at the top of the page, wondering how to begin. Dear Peggy, that was probably a good place to start.
Edward and William had assumed their usual place at the front of the class. Earnest amused himself for a moment by watching them. They were both writing industriously, and seemed completely oblivious to one another's company. After a moment, though, Edward's leg crept slowly forward till it was touching William's. William responded by reaching and putting his hand on the other boy's knee.
"Dear Peggy," Earnest began. "How are you? I am fine."
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