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Will Suck Cock For books.

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my big GAY MAN-LIKING COCK-SUCKING ANAL-BUM-SEXING application [14 Jun 2005|09:22am]

[ mood | yeeech - school ]

Name: SAM
Gender: feminazi
five favourite bands: crass, skinny puppy, das ich, die ärzte, DEAD IN THE PANTS
five favourite movies: Was Tun Wenn's Brennt, Parting Glances, Totoro, I don't watch movies.
Five favourite books: Catch-22, War Boy, Invisible Monsters, Weetzie, All Quiet On The Western Front (despite the constipated translation)
Last awsome book you read: invisible monsters
Favourite line from a christmas story: "Damn this American Christmas I like Asian Christmas." --MY BIG ASIAN CHRISTMAS by The Asian Christmas Celebrator
Would you be able to get the required books read and comment on them? yes.
Who is the sexiest looking author you can thing of? Penny Rimbaud
Favourite kind of cookie: my L337st cookies
Favourite Xmas movie: An Asian Christmas Story

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hurrah for library writing! [14 Jun 2005|09:04am]

[ mood | spur-of-the-moment porn ]

Chapter Six- Some Issues With Marmalade

Tarquin crossed his arms and looked at the younger boy. "I was told you made excellent toast."
The brown-haired boy hung his head. "Yes, Tarquin."
"This is really very disappointing."
"Yes, Tarquin."
He picked up the toast gingerly in two fingers and held it out, exposing its shamefully burnt exterior. "Do you expect me to eat this?"
"No, Tarquin."
"Good." He tossed it carelessly- the boy caught it, wincing a little as the marmalade glommed all over his hands. "Get rid of it."
"Yes, Tarquin." Meekly, the boy carried it over to the fire and dropped it in. The marmalade sizzled as the flames engulfed the unfortunate piece of toast. "Shall I make another piece?"
"There isn't any more bread." Tarquin's dark eyes burned into the younger boy's. "You're going to have to do better than that."
"I could get some from Forester down the hall-"
"That's not what I'm talking about."
There was a short pause. "It isn't?"
Tarquin sighed. "You haven't been fagging very long, have you?"
The boy's face reddened a little. "This is my first year."
"Bloody hell. All right. Come here."
The boy took a couple of steps forward.
"Closer than that."
Another step. Their faces were less than six inches apart. Tarquin could smell the boy's quick, nervous breath. He'd had bacon for breakfast. "Now kneel down."
The boy's eyes widened a little. He got down on his knees and looked up.
"That's good." On closer inspection, Tarquin saw that the boy really was nervous, and not just faking innocence the way some fags did. Well, he'd be nice. It was probably better that way. "You know, people burn toast sometimes. It's all right."
The boy nodded. His anxiety increased visibly.
Well. Nice didn't sem to be having much effect. Tarquin sighed inwardly and unzipped his school trousers. He lifted his cock out- it was already semi-hard. Not surprising. "Well," he said. "It's not going to suck itself, you know."
The boy put both of his hands around it. They were still sticky from touching the marmalade. Tarquin was about to say something, but then the boy bent his head and, after licking his lips, took the whole thing into his mouth. The sensation was a surprise, and thoroughly enjoyable. "That's. . .really goood," he managed. "Keep doing that. Get it as far in as you can."
The boy obeyed, using his small tongue like a seasoned rent boy. Tarquin gasped, stroking the boy's hair. "Oh fuck. . .fuck, that's amazing."
The boy mumbled something. "What?"
He leaned back. "I have to go maths in a minute."
"Then don't fucking stop!" The boy went back, working with a vengeance. 120 seconds later, Tarquin came, savouring the silvery sensation as it swept through his body. The boy swallowed, and wiped his mouth, grinning lopsidedly.
"Was that all right, then?"
"That was admirable." Tarquin zipped himself up and ran a hand through his hair. "You've obviously done that before."
The boy blushed modestly. "Just a little. Here and there. You know."
"Right. Right." Tarquin took a cigarette out of the pack in his pocket and lit it, exhaling smoke slowly. "What's your name again?"
"Stencil. Jonathan Stencil." The boy straightened his school cap. "See you later?"
"Oh yeah." Tarquin grinned wolfishly. "I'll expect you before breakfast tomorrow."

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the ultimate in sexy action cool...selling dope disguised as a nun [18 Dec 2004|02:31pm]

[ mood | SUPER ]

Chapter Five: Flattery Will Get you everywhere

It was right after the first field hockey practice and almost all the girls had cleared out of the locker room…all except for Susie and Betty Grant. They were both freshly showered and were changing. Betty Grant was one of the older girls on the field hockey team. Genetics had been kind to her; she had waist length copper hair and pale peachy skin. She had full lips, bright green eyes and a curvy but muscular build from all the sports teams she was on. She was very popular among all the girls in the school even though she was quite sporty. The teachers sometimes some times had to reprimand her for being too cheeky she got mostly top grades. Betty had taking a liking to Susie. She was young and supple, innocent and naive and exactly what Betty was looking for right now, a hot young piece of ass. Betty decided to call Susie over to the bench where she sat in nothing but her knickers and a camisole.
“Susie, You have such lovely hair, I should be so lucky to have hair that pretty”, Betty smiled coyly.
“Thank you” Susie blushed. “You hair is pretty too. I truly long to be a red-head.”
“Blasphemy!” Betty half whispered. “You know, you look just like snow white right now with your hair like that.”
“My, Thank you Betty” said Susie as she buttoned up her blouse.
“Oh won’t you come here and let me brush your hair?”
Susie sat between Betty’s milky thighs as Betty brushed her ebony hair. Slowly Betty put down the brush and stared kissing and biting Susie's shoulders and the nape of Susie’s alabaster neck. Betty began un-doing the buttons of Susie white blouse revealing her delicate form. Susie was wearing a white cotton bra which Betty quickly removed. Susie's nipples were hard and she moaned as Betty slid her hand under the elastic waist of Susie's Knickers. The area of Susie's pubic bone was covered in short and sparse, soft hair. Betty gently slid her artful index and middle fingers into her wet slit. Slowly Betty pressed further and further inside of Susie. As Betty did this she pressed against her clit. Susie small hands squeezed Betty's Firm pale thighs until she she came.
Betty knew there would be questions from her room mates about the bruises that would be on her upper legs tomorow but she simply didn't care.
"Dinner should be starting soon. We musn't be late" said betty Firmly wipping her hands off on a towel beside her belongings.

In the dinning hall they were serving Macaroni sallad and Mystery Meat Casserole. The only person at the table actually eating this cullinary attrocity was peggy.At the table with her was Mary-Anne, Liz, Susie, Eliza and Beth, Antionette and Chloë.
"my, my susie what has happened to your cheveux?" said Antionette of Susie's Dissheveled hairdoo.
"Betty Grant brushed my hair" smiled Susie

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We Meet the Boys from St James' [15 Dec 2004|11:42pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

CHAPTER FOUR: "Ow, my bum!"


"You're a whore, aren't you, Wainwright?"
"Yes, Headmaster."
"Let me hear what a terrible little shit you are."
"I'm a terrible little shit, Headmaster."
"Put some more feeling into it, boy."
Earnest Wainwright cursed inwardly and closed his eyes. The edge of the desk was digging into him- it was a very uncomfortable position. "I'm a terrible little shit, and I don't deserve to be fucked by you, Headmaster. I'm lucky that you even look at me, because I'm scum. I don't even deserve to lick the dirt off your boots, but I'd love to, because I love being on my knees in front of you-"
"That's right, you motherless little. .aahhh. . "
Earnest felt the headmaster tense and shudder as he climaxed. The sensation of hot semen flooding his insides sent a slight shiver up his spine, but by now he was used to it, and as the headmaster pulled out of him he was already straightening up. He didn't turn around to watch the headmaster get dressed, but instead focussed on pulling up his school trousers and tidying his shirt and tie. "I think I'm a little late for class, Headmaster."
"Just tell them you were helping me sort through some paperwork," said the headmaster. He looked much more relaxed than he had twenty minutes before. "Which master are you with?"
"Mallett, headmaster. For prep."
"Very good, very good." Now he was scanning his desk for work to do. "Dismissed, Wainwright."

Earnest ran a hand through his auburn hair as he left the headmaster's office. A couple of younger boys were waiting on the hard wooden bench outside- probably first-years, he thought, up on the carpet for some uniform infraction or other. He recognized one of them as the little blonde boy who was fagging for Tarquin- the other one was dark-haired and rather non-descript-looking. He nodded to them as he passed, and the blonde boy shot him a cocky grin.
"I say, you've got a sister that goes to Elenore Gosling, haven't you?"
"Yeah," Earnest said. "Peggy."
The blonde boy grinned a little more. "Brilliant."
That line of conversation having been exhausted, there was a short pause. "I better go," Earnest said finally. "I've got prep now, and it's the third time I've been late this week."
"Right on," the blonde boy said. "I'm Arthur Cummings."
"I'm Earnest Wainwright." In spite of himself, Earnest smiled slightly- Cummings was so determinedly friendly. "See you round, then."
"Yeah, see you." He waited till he was around the corner, and then pulled his slightly crumpled cap from his trouser pocket. Mallett was one of the stricter masters when it came to rule-breaking, and since he was already late, it didn't seem right to push his luck with a sloppy uniform. Mallett had been in the army, and he had the arms to prove it. His whippings were renowned throughout the school, and many times Earnest had seen boys display proof- bloody red welts across their backsides that looked like they hurt. Yes, better to avoid that for now.

It was nearly fifteen minutes into the period when Earnest arrived in class. The rest of the boys were already bent over their desks in close-together rows, working. "Late again, Mr. Wainwright?" Professor Mallett said, sounding rather more satisfied than upset. "Third time this week, you know."
"Sorry, sir. I was helping the headmaster with paperwork."
"Indeed." He nodded. "Well, tell the headmaster not to keep you so long next time. I won't have boys being late for prep."
"Yes, sir."
"You can sit down now, Wainwright."
"Yes, sir." He went to his usual desk by the window and sat down, taking some of the lined paper from the shelf. Earnest hadn't brought any work, but he knew he could pass the time adequately by writing a letter. He'd posted one to his parents just a few days before, but Peggy had asked him to write her. The tip of his pen hovered at the top of the page, wondering how to begin. Dear Peggy, that was probably a good place to start.
Edward and William had assumed their usual place at the front of the class. Earnest amused himself for a moment by watching them. They were both writing industriously, and seemed completely oblivious to one another's company. After a moment, though, Edward's leg crept slowly forward till it was touching William's. William responded by reaching and putting his hand on the other boy's knee.
"Dear Peggy," Earnest began. "How are you? I am fine."

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more tales from Elanore Gosling. [12 Dec 2004|11:21am]

[ mood | ...gdgbnvb ]

Chapter Three: A Meeting with the Twins.
Liz, Susie and Marry-Anne Scuffled down the hallway in search of their other friends and to find out who the would be rooming with this year.
"Hello Girls" Said The Roberts Twins in Unison, quite jolly as-per-usual. They both always did everything together and were completely identical.
"Hello Eliza, Hello Beth" said Marry-Anne.
"Have you found out who you're rooming with yet?" Asked the twins.
"No" Said Susie."Have you?"
"Yes" Said Eliza.
"We Have" said Beth.
"We're rooming with..."said Eliza.
"...Another Pair of twins"They Giggled together.
"Another Pair of twins?" Asked Liz. "As Far as I know you two are the only twins at Elenore Gosling..."
"Not anymore" said the twins.
"How Strange" Said Mary-Anne.
"Their names sounded French" Said Beth."Antionette and Chloë...I Think.."
"Trés Mysterious"said Liz, whose grandmother was French.
"Where did you girls find the list of who you were rooming with?" Asked Susie.
"In The main hall" Said the twins and then they sauntered off.

In The Main Hall the three Found Peggy chomping on some sweets as she usually was. Peggy was a plump girl with big glasses and curly auburn hair.
"Hello Chums" Stopped enjoying her sweets and embraced her friends.
"Hello Peggy" said The girls.
"I'm rooming with you Liz" said Peggy.
"Oh goodie" said Liz enthusiastically. "Who else?"
"Lindsey Marie and Betty Grant" said Peggy.
"What about us"asked Susie who had a playful if not argumentative relationship with Peggy.
"You and Mary-Anne are rooming together with Annabelle Albatross and Kristin Myers" said Peggy.
"Are you joshing me?"asked Susie.
"No, no i'm not joshing you" said Peggy who started munching on a chocolate bon bon.
"Oh Dear" said Marry-Anne.
And With there heads held low the girls headed off to put their bags in their rooms.

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Good Old Elenore Gosling! [08 Dec 2004|11:36pm]

[ mood | quixotic ]

PREMISE- Vida and Katie pen a coming-of-age British schoolgirl novel.

Chapter One- Getting Ready for School

Mary-Anne began to pack her bags for another year at Elenore Gosling's School for Young Girls. But she had a feeling this year would be different. She was looking forward to seeing all her friend, but she was going to miss the hustle and bustle of the big city when she was out in the country with al of the other girls.

Over the summer, Mary Anne had definitely grown taller but, to her dismay she hadn't filled out in the chest. Mary Anne was a skinny girl with long brown hair and warm, tan skin. She was by no stretch of the imagination ugly but Mary Anne thought of her looks as rather plain.

Mary Anne folded her nightbowns and put away her socks. Sometimes she wished she could go to a school with boys like the girls she had met at summer camp. But Mary Anne's mother said that it was better for the women's lib movement for her to go to an all-girls' school. Mary Anne guessed that was true, but sometimes she wished she could go to school in the city with boys and go home in the afternoon and have a gay old time on the weekends like the girls she read about in "Teen Magazine."

While Mary Anne dreamed about a school in the city, Susise was dreading having to wear a skirt for another year. Susie wasn't interesting in girls' things like dresses, sewing, cooking or boys. She lived to play sports, like football and rugby. This dismayed her mother and father who wished Susie could be more ladylike. Other than the skirts Susie didn't mind Elenore Gosling. She rather liked it. She liked most of her classmates, all except for Annabelle Albatross. Annabelle was a teacher's pet adn treated all of the other girls, except her elite group of friends, like she was high in rank than them. She had curly golden hair and blue eyes with long lashes, and with adults she always got her way.

Chapter Two- The First Day of Term

Susie's parents dropped her off at Elenore Gosling's front entrance, where all the second-year girls were gathered, saying goodbye to their parents and meeting up with old friends. Susie knew she would miss her mother and father, but while she said her goodbyes she was already thinking about seeing her friends again. Would they have changed over the summer? Had she?

"Sue!" She turned around. Mary Anne, tanned from summer holidays, came running up to her. "How are you? I haven't seen you for ages."
They hugged happily. "I'm lovely," Susie said. "I've been playing football with my cousins all month. They're staying with us until their school starts up again."
Mary Anne nodded. "I wonder if there will be any new girls this term?" she said. "I heard that there were- but then everyone always says there will be."
Susie laughed. "If there is, I hope she's a decent sort- not too quiet, you know, or too silly."
"Maybe she'll be foreign."
Another girl broke away from a family and came up to join them. "Hello, Liz," Mary Anne said. "Have you heard if there are any new students this term?"
"There's one," Liz said, grinning. "I don't know her name, but someone told me about her."
"That's all we've heard too," Susie said. "Well! Only here ten minutes and already there's a mystery!"

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"The little French girl had been enjoying herself, watching the excited English girls. . ." [06 Dec 2004|05:28pm]

[ mood | nerdy ]

Hah. All right, I'm technically being a bit wobbly and not posting about Kierkegaard (SORRY) but I haven't finished it yet. So, instead have decided to rant about one of those charming little girls' boarding school books that shaped my worldview when I was about eight. Vida, you probably secretly read this. If not, you should secretly read them now.

Like most boarding school books, this one has the usual cast of stock characters-
Jolly British Tomboy(s)
Jolly British Twins
Amusing French Girl
Amusing French Girl's Sister
Artsy Girl
Wannabe Artsy Girl
Spoiled Blonde Girl (Named Angela, in this case, although I've seen Annabella's and Arabella's too)
Follower of Spoiled Blonde Girl
Assorted Young Schoolgirls

The plot is irrelevant, because there isn't one. Spoiled Blonde Girl does some mean things to some Assorted Young Schoolgirls, Artsy Girl is sent home to be less artsy, the Amusing French Sisters make Spoiled Blonde Girl eat shoe polish, the Jolly British Tomboys learn to be more sensitive, and the Jolly British twins get made Head Girl, jointly. There are also many vaguely pornographic discussions between schoolgirl chums. This book is wonderful, because of the writing style and fantastic literary value of course, but mostly because of the Life Lessons it teaches, namely-

If your name starts with an A, you're going to be spoiled and nobody will like you
When in doubt, be Jolly (and preferably Twins)
Being too artsy will get you sent home (I'm looking at you, Vida)
You can't get in trouble for making people eat shoe polish
If you are French, you take it up the ass

aosufwwe42u3r524234 ujvn

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Soren Kierkegaard Quotes. [04 Dec 2004|05:19pm]

[ mood | oh dear lord. ]

Guess we've got this to look forward to Katie :

Far from idleness being the root of all evil, it is rather the only true good.

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

Most men pursue pleasure with such breathless haste that they hurry past it.

People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.

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