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more tales from Elanore Gosling.

Chapter Three: A Meeting with the Twins.
Liz, Susie and Marry-Anne Scuffled down the hallway in search of their other friends and to find out who the would be rooming with this year.
"Hello Girls" Said The Roberts Twins in Unison, quite jolly as-per-usual. They both always did everything together and were completely identical.
"Hello Eliza, Hello Beth" said Marry-Anne.
"Have you found out who you're rooming with yet?" Asked the twins.
"No" Said Susie."Have you?"
"Yes" Said Eliza.
"We Have" said Beth.
"We're rooming with..."said Eliza.
"...Another Pair of twins"They Giggled together.
"Another Pair of twins?" Asked Liz. "As Far as I know you two are the only twins at Elenore Gosling..."
"Not anymore" said the twins.
"How Strange" Said Mary-Anne.
"Their names sounded French" Said Beth."Antionette and Chloë...I Think.."
"Trés Mysterious"said Liz, whose grandmother was French.
"Where did you girls find the list of who you were rooming with?" Asked Susie.
"In The main hall" Said the twins and then they sauntered off.

In The Main Hall the three Found Peggy chomping on some sweets as she usually was. Peggy was a plump girl with big glasses and curly auburn hair.
"Hello Chums" Stopped enjoying her sweets and embraced her friends.
"Hello Peggy" said The girls.
"I'm rooming with you Liz" said Peggy.
"Oh goodie" said Liz enthusiastically. "Who else?"
"Lindsey Marie and Betty Grant" said Peggy.
"What about us"asked Susie who had a playful if not argumentative relationship with Peggy.
"You and Mary-Anne are rooming together with Annabelle Albatross and Kristin Myers" said Peggy.
"Are you joshing me?"asked Susie.
"No, no i'm not joshing you" said Peggy who started munching on a chocolate bon bon.
"Oh Dear" said Marry-Anne.
And With there heads held low the girls headed off to put their bags in their rooms.
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