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the ultimate in sexy action cool...selling dope disguised as a nun

Chapter Five: Flattery Will Get you everywhere

It was right after the first field hockey practice and almost all the girls had cleared out of the locker room…all except for Susie and Betty Grant. They were both freshly showered and were changing. Betty Grant was one of the older girls on the field hockey team. Genetics had been kind to her; she had waist length copper hair and pale peachy skin. She had full lips, bright green eyes and a curvy but muscular build from all the sports teams she was on. She was very popular among all the girls in the school even though she was quite sporty. The teachers sometimes some times had to reprimand her for being too cheeky she got mostly top grades. Betty had taking a liking to Susie. She was young and supple, innocent and naive and exactly what Betty was looking for right now, a hot young piece of ass. Betty decided to call Susie over to the bench where she sat in nothing but her knickers and a camisole.
“Susie, You have such lovely hair, I should be so lucky to have hair that pretty”, Betty smiled coyly.
“Thank you” Susie blushed. “You hair is pretty too. I truly long to be a red-head.”
“Blasphemy!” Betty half whispered. “You know, you look just like snow white right now with your hair like that.”
“My, Thank you Betty” said Susie as she buttoned up her blouse.
“Oh won’t you come here and let me brush your hair?”
Susie sat between Betty’s milky thighs as Betty brushed her ebony hair. Slowly Betty put down the brush and stared kissing and biting Susie's shoulders and the nape of Susie’s alabaster neck. Betty began un-doing the buttons of Susie white blouse revealing her delicate form. Susie was wearing a white cotton bra which Betty quickly removed. Susie's nipples were hard and she moaned as Betty slid her hand under the elastic waist of Susie's Knickers. The area of Susie's pubic bone was covered in short and sparse, soft hair. Betty gently slid her artful index and middle fingers into her wet slit. Slowly Betty pressed further and further inside of Susie. As Betty did this she pressed against her clit. Susie small hands squeezed Betty's Firm pale thighs until she she came.
Betty knew there would be questions from her room mates about the bruises that would be on her upper legs tomorow but she simply didn't care.
"Dinner should be starting soon. We musn't be late" said betty Firmly wipping her hands off on a towel beside her belongings.

In the dinning hall they were serving Macaroni sallad and Mystery Meat Casserole. The only person at the table actually eating this cullinary attrocity was peggy.At the table with her was Mary-Anne, Liz, Susie, Eliza and Beth, Antionette and Chloë.
"my, my susie what has happened to your cheveux?" said Antionette of Susie's Dissheveled hairdoo.
"Betty Grant brushed my hair" smiled Susie
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