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Good Old Elenore Gosling!

PREMISE- Vida and Katie pen a coming-of-age British schoolgirl novel.

Chapter One- Getting Ready for School

Mary-Anne began to pack her bags for another year at Elenore Gosling's School for Young Girls. But she had a feeling this year would be different. She was looking forward to seeing all her friend, but she was going to miss the hustle and bustle of the big city when she was out in the country with al of the other girls.

Over the summer, Mary Anne had definitely grown taller but, to her dismay she hadn't filled out in the chest. Mary Anne was a skinny girl with long brown hair and warm, tan skin. She was by no stretch of the imagination ugly but Mary Anne thought of her looks as rather plain.

Mary Anne folded her nightbowns and put away her socks. Sometimes she wished she could go to a school with boys like the girls she had met at summer camp. But Mary Anne's mother said that it was better for the women's lib movement for her to go to an all-girls' school. Mary Anne guessed that was true, but sometimes she wished she could go to school in the city with boys and go home in the afternoon and have a gay old time on the weekends like the girls she read about in "Teen Magazine."

While Mary Anne dreamed about a school in the city, Susise was dreading having to wear a skirt for another year. Susie wasn't interesting in girls' things like dresses, sewing, cooking or boys. She lived to play sports, like football and rugby. This dismayed her mother and father who wished Susie could be more ladylike. Other than the skirts Susie didn't mind Elenore Gosling. She rather liked it. She liked most of her classmates, all except for Annabelle Albatross. Annabelle was a teacher's pet adn treated all of the other girls, except her elite group of friends, like she was high in rank than them. She had curly golden hair and blue eyes with long lashes, and with adults she always got her way.

Chapter Two- The First Day of Term

Susie's parents dropped her off at Elenore Gosling's front entrance, where all the second-year girls were gathered, saying goodbye to their parents and meeting up with old friends. Susie knew she would miss her mother and father, but while she said her goodbyes she was already thinking about seeing her friends again. Would they have changed over the summer? Had she?

"Sue!" She turned around. Mary Anne, tanned from summer holidays, came running up to her. "How are you? I haven't seen you for ages."
They hugged happily. "I'm lovely," Susie said. "I've been playing football with my cousins all month. They're staying with us until their school starts up again."
Mary Anne nodded. "I wonder if there will be any new girls this term?" she said. "I heard that there were- but then everyone always says there will be."
Susie laughed. "If there is, I hope she's a decent sort- not too quiet, you know, or too silly."
"Maybe she'll be foreign."
Another girl broke away from a family and came up to join them. "Hello, Liz," Mary Anne said. "Have you heard if there are any new students this term?"
"There's one," Liz said, grinning. "I don't know her name, but someone told me about her."
"That's all we've heard too," Susie said. "Well! Only here ten minutes and already there's a mystery!"
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